Batteries 3800MAH-9.9V


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9.9V 3800mAh-3S 20C–LiFePo4 (size:130mmx43mmx25mm,about 300g)
With 20" XT60 connector and 20" balance lead with JST balance connector.

This LiFe pack is capable of fast charging of up to 3C, which is up to 11 Amps, however balance charging is highly recommended and may require of up to 3 hours to complete balance its charging cycle.
Once fully charged, this pack will deliver up to 8 flights for F or G series KingTech engines or 12 flights for E series before needs to be charged again.
Special Note:
Most chargers in LiFe mode will fully charge a 3S pack up to 10.8V, which may exceed the maximum voltage of Xicoy ECU. Thanks to the steep curve of the initial discharge of a LiFe pack, please bleed off some voltage by go into the INFO menu to actuate "Test Starter" for about 5 seconds, and resume normal start.

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